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Year: 2016

Working Overtime

Employer requirements are in a constant state of change that can make complying with the law a difficult task. Keeping up with recent rules and regulations from the Department of Labor is paramount for business owners to stay compliant. This past month the President...

Have You Heard the One About W-2 Forms?

We hear about data breaches almost on a daily basis.  It is imperative that businesses be aware of any new scams or sources of data breaches that may be perpetrated against them.  It is tax season 2016 and several companies have already been targeted by an email...

Mark Murrah Quoted in the Media

Once again, Mark Murrah was quoted in the media. This time, Mr. Murrah was quoted with regards to how Houston continues to boom with development. Regardless that other major cities are not thriving, Houston continues to move ahead. You can read the entire article...


Mark Murrah will be speaking at RealShare HOUSTON on March 29th when the area’s leaders gather to discuss: Capital Markets: Critical Insights.   Filed Under: Legal Matters you MUST enable javascript to be able to comment