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Considerations when seeking a location for your Texas business

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Business Law |

When starting a new company in Texas, location affects everything from your clientele to your potential earnings. Depending on the type of business, you may need retail, restaurant, office, industrial or warehouse space, or a combination of those commercial facilities.

Keep these considerations in mind when deciding where to locate your new Texas business.

Location requirements

First, narrow down the municipality and community for your facility based on these considerations:

  • Zoning ordinances that may apply to your type of business
  • Whether you want to be visible to foot and vehicle traffic
  • The crime rate in the area
  • Easy access to your supplies, vendors and other stakeholders
  • Accessibility of the location for workers
  • The competition in the area

You may prefer a central location for all your Texas operations or have separate warehouse and customer-facing space, for example.

Licenses and permits

While Texas does not require a general state business license, many municipalities have their own rules. For example, new Houston companies must register with the Secretary of State, with the exception of sole proprietors and general partnerships. These entities simply register a business name in Harris County.

Some Texas businesses must purchase a state sales and use a tax permit. Firms operating in the state must also register a list of assets with the IRS.

According to the state economic development office, Texas leads the nation in sectors such as aerospace, innovative manufacturing, energy, life sciences, corporate service and information technology. With this guide, you can find your company’s home here in the Lone Star State.