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How to create a growth-ready startup

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2023 | Business Law |

Have you thought about starting a company? You may have even started making plans, doing research and getting your financing in order.

However, like most business owners, you do not want a company that stays in the startup phase. You know you need growth. These are strategies to help you create a growth-ready startup.

Choose the right business structure

At some point, you may need debt or investment financing for your company, especially during growth stages. Therefore, you need a business structure that invites financing opportunities. Sole proprietors and partnerships can find it difficult to attract investors or get bank loans. However, LLC and corporation structures are attractive to financiers. Research the pros and cons of each business structure.

Choose the right product or service

Choose a product or service with a market large enough that you can turn a profit. Market research and testing strategies can help you determine the size of your market. Find out your audience’s pain points and clearly define how your product solves their problems.

Build a solid business plan with a clear vision

Before you even open your business, you need a solid business plan. Start with a mission that defines your reason for existing. Then, create a clear, motivational vision that reveals where you hope to take your company. Do not forget your values. Then, compile your market, product and industry research; financials; value propositions; management structure and key personnel; and funding requests.

Identify growth opportunities

Develop internal resources, process optimizations and automation that can spur organic growth. Then, create long-term strategies for corporate growth, such as new product plans or expanded marketing.

These are just a few strategic steps you can take to create a growth-ready startup. Learn from others’ mistakes and initiatives for the best results.