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Accomplished Litigators With Experience And Results

Every business entity wishes to minimize its exposure to litigation. However, to achieve the most favorable resolution in some disputes, it is sometimes necessary to take the matter to trial. When negotiations or alternative dispute resolution won’t get the job done, you can turn to the experienced litigation team at Murrah & Killough, PLLC.

At Murrah & Killough, PLLC, our attorneys are accomplished legal tacticians. We represent clients in Texas and Mexico fiercely at every step of dispute resolution; if necessary, we bring this fierce advocacy with us to court. Having attained numerous favorable verdicts and settlements in courts throughout the state, our team is confident in our ability to reach a beneficial outcome.

Our Strong Record Of Success

Our clients span numerous industries, from oil and energy to health care to technology. Having handled a broad spectrum of commercial and personal disputes, we have earned a proven record of successful verdicts.

Just a few examples of claims we handle include:

The attorneys of Murrah & Killough, PLLC, are also admitted to practice appellate law in Texas’s higher courts. We can pursue your case in an appeal and can take appellate work for other law firms.

Cost-Effective, Strategic Outside Counsel

Throughout every step of your case, we keep an eye on cost-efficacy. We understand that protecting your bottom line is critical to your company’s sustained success. To that end, we use litigation strategically upon a careful assessment of its pros and cons. Our founding attorneys served as in-house counsel before starting Murrah & Killough, PLLC. They offer the detailed and collaborative service expected of in-house counsel at reasonable rates.

When You Need Litigation Services, We Are Ready

If you have encountered a business dispute that requires litigation, our team is ready to represent you at trial. Reach out to our offices in Monterrey, Mexico, or Houston to schedule an initial consultation. To reach us, call 281-975-5879 or send an email.