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Business Lawyers For Medical Organizations And Professionals

Laws pertaining to medicine-related regulations are an ever-present concern to medical professionals. If you own your own practice, you know that there are tremendous considerations that go into the formation and maintenance of a medical practice. As a doctor, your patients rely on your medical knowledge and steady hand to preserve and protect their lives. At Murrah & Killough, PLLC, we value your work and view our role as your counselor in much the same way. Let us worry about the legal issues that come with running a private practice so that you can focus on taking care of your patients.

Medical Practice Law

  • Corporate structure: Having the right organizational structure is important to maintaining a health medical practice and can protect the savvy medical practitioner. We can assist in the formation and maintenance of organizational documentation
  • Leasing: Our firm handles the purchase and lease of residential and commercial space on a regular basis. Let us help walk you through the process to attain the most favorable results. As your counselor, we will work to attain the most favorable terms on your behalf.
  • Employment agreements: Employment agreements take on a special significance when your business is that of the health and wellness of others. We can craft employment agreements that will provide clear expectations within the workplace and show a good faith effort in protecting your patients’ interests should an employee act in a manner not in accordance with the values of your practice and the law.
  • Purchase and sale: Whether it be the purchase and sale of equipment or office and storage space, our firm is skilled in negotiation. Let us help you get the best deal possible.
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance: Our firm can assist you in organizing and maintaining your patient records to ensure that you are adequately protecting records and communications with patients.
  • Medical manufacturing: If you have a revolutionary idea about creating a new medical product or procedure or are already manufacturing it, and you desire practical business advice on regulation or growth, we will assist in shepherding your innovation.