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Proactive Guidance For Commercial Transactions And  Development

Commercial real estate is the centerpiece for business entities throughout Texas – particularly developers. While real estate can prove lucrative, a flaw in the deal can result in a time-consuming and costly dispute. Proactive legal counsel is one of the best ways to prevent problems from developing in the first place.

Our team at Murrah & Killough, PLLC, handles all aspects of transactions, leases, development projects and other commercial real estate matters. Whether you seek to lease a commercial space for your company or you wish to develop raw land, we strive to add value to your project and protect its long-term success.

Some common matters that we handle include:

From our two convenient locations in Houston and Monterrey, we represent clients throughout Texas and Mexico.

Preventing And Resolving Land Use Issues

It is imperative that the land you buy can be used for the purpose of the development or purchase. Determining land use, however, is not always straightforward. At Murrah & Killough, PLLC, we carefully investigate every potential restriction regarding land use, zoning and the deed. We also research environmental regulations to ensure that you are in compliance. If we find a problem, we pursue all legal avenues, including a trial, to clear it for you as soon as possible. With our research behind you, you can proceed with your project without hesitation.

Consult Us For Full Commercial Real Estate Guidance

We are available to provide the wise counsel that you need for all your real estate concerns. To reach Murrah & Killough, PLLC, to schedule an initial consultation, contact our offices in Houston or Monterrey, Mexico. Call 281-975-5879 or send us an email to schedule your initial consultation today.