Strategic and Synergistic Business and Family Law Counsel

Practice Areas

Murrah & Killough, PLLC, a Houston-based business law firm, provides a wide array of services to its business clientele, which includes:

  • General counsel: As outside counsel, we believe that an attorney should be a key business adviser, not just a legal technician. We provide a business-focused and practical approach to problem-solving. We use our considerable business experience to provide our clients with proactive legal risk management, helping avoid problems before they arise.
  • Commercial litigation: The litigation attorneys at Murrah & Killough, PLLC, are accomplished legal tacticians, with a strong track record of success. We have successfully handled, through trial and appeal, a broad array of commercial and personal disputes. Let us help protect your commercial interests.
  • Industry and energy: Our firm prides itself on representing America’s producers of energy and manufactured goods. We can assist you in navigating the ever-changing issues that arise from government regulations and changes in the industrial market.
  • Real estate and eviction: We can assist you in shepherding the purchase and sale of your real estate. Have a tenant who refuses to pay their rent? Let us help you resolve your tenant issues.
  • Medical practice law: Special considerations must be given to every aspect of medical practice. Whether you are engaged in negotiations for the purchase or sale of a medical practice or you are looking to improve your cybersecurity and ensure Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance, we can help.

Over 35 combined years of corporate legal problem-solving experience.